ABOVE ALL Presents: ALLBLACK – TY4FWM: The Documentary

Oakland has birthed many an artist, the diversity of its streets forging a variety of talented individuals who have captivated a global audience. The Town’s latest star? ALLBLACK, a charismatic Murder Dubs native, known for his ability to spin vivid lyricism over energetic, trunk-rattling production. Over the past few years, he’s established himself as a staple in the local and national music scenes, his infectious personality attracting fans and collaborators alike. Now, with his debut album ringing through the city, ABOVE ALL takes a look behind the septum ring, at the man known as ALLBLACK, and the community that raised him.

Listen to the album « TY4FWM » out now!

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Executive Producer: Amir Abbassy & Xhjyl
Producer: Xhjyl & Amir Aziz
Assistant Producer: Delency Parham & Ari Simon
Additional Producer: Shlrley Liang

Director: Xhjyl
Director of Photography: Amir Aziz
Editor: Theo Schear & Kyle Walczak

Colorist: Eric McCambridge
Title Design: Cheng Sok of Sok Studios
Cinematography: Theo Schear & Amir Aziz
Additional Cinematography: Gino Suvino-Vinatieri, Stacking Memories, Dom Glover, Luis Montoya, David Camerena & Mikey Rare

Audio Engineering: Lien Do & Matthew Pereira

Special Thanks to The Dubs, Tacos Sinaloa, Play Runners Association, Jacleen Isezaki, Cristela Rodriguez, Brian Berry, Nima, Ghazi & EMPIRE

© 2021 ABOVE ALL


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