British Legends (Small Faces, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, etc.): Rarities and Outtakes (audio only)

British Legends (Small Faces, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, etc.): Rarities and Outtakes.
01. Green Circles – Small Faces (sung in Italian)
02. Miles Road – Eric Clapton/Jimmy Page (true stereo mix)
The Eric Clapton/Jimmy Page recording is a previously unheard stereo mix; the only recording from Immediate’s various artists Blues Anthology albums for which a stereo mix has ever been found. Clapton and Page recorded two similar home-recorded blues instrumentals. One received Page-produced bass, drums and harmonica overdubs, and one was released as is. American and British vinyl releases differ as to which recording is “Miles Road” and which is “Draggin’ My Tail”.
03. Connection – The Animals (backing track)
04. Fourth Annual Convention – The Hill (stereo mix)
05. Sylvie – The Hill (Take 1 – excerpt)
06. Halfway – Artist Unknown
“Halfway” by “The Thunderbirds”?, though later information from the label who supplied these recordings credits the recording to Duffy Power??
07. I Want to Be Friendly With You – Billy Nichols
08. On The Bombsite – Duncan Browne (demo)
09. I Was, You Weren’t – Duncan Browne (demo)
10. The Cherry Blossom Fool – Duncan Browne (demo)
11. Someone – Warm Sounds
12. Here & Now – Lorell (Duncan Browne & Davy Morgan) (complete version)
13. Handbags and Gladrags – Chris Farlowe (alternate vocal)
14. Green Circles – Small Faces (U.S.A. mix from tape)
This compilation marks the first time (since the original U.S.A. “There Are But Four Small Faces” LP) that “Green Circles” (U.S.A. Mix) has been taken from tape. When I compiled the four-CD set “Small Faces – The Immediate Years”, I had to dub the recording from vinyl. Years later, a tape source was found and is proudly presented here.
15. A Whiter Shade of Pale – Andrew Loog Oldham Orchestra (Mix 2)
16. Early Bird – John Williams
John Williams is not the film soundtrack composer, but rather a singer/guitarist/songwriter who recorded a Jimmy Page-produced album for EMI/Columbia in the 1960s.
17. Another Winter, Another Spring – John Williams (false start and take)
18. The Coldest Night of the Year- Twice as Much (backing track; Mix 1)

(Thanks to Philip Cohen).

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