Remember your Name – Le documentaire musical

Discover the beautiful process of creation that leads to Remember Your Name Part 1 & 2.
A music documentary from Simon & Greg record the world in collaboration with Musique Nomade.

Découvrez le processus de création dernière le mini-ep Remember Your Name, Part 1 & 2. Un documentaire musical de Simon & Greg record the world en collaboration avec Musique nomade.

Remember Your Name Part 1 & 2 :

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Remember Your Name is a brilliant anthem of power, harmony, felt through the voices of four Women from different corners of the world. Hildá Länsman & Viivi Maria Saarenkylä (Vildá), Willows and Soleil Launière lead us in an energic and spiritual journey that combines folk music, traditional yoik, and pop-alternative sounds. Together, they give us access to a sublime force, evoking Mother Earth, the creative powers, and the balance of things. This work is the result of a strong spontaneous feminine connection, a collaboration between different Indigenous cultures (Innu, Métis, Sami), highlighting traditional musicality, treated in a contemporary, almost cinematographic way.

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