The Audio of Killer Instinct: Killer Sounds (Killer Instinct Documentary)

In our latest documentary on, we take a look behind the development and implementation of Killer Instinct’s unique interactive audio system and lends itself to an experience unlike any other in the genre.

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0:00 Intro/Finding Rare
9:28 Mixing Killer Cuts
12:40 Lessons Learned and KI 2
17:41 Bringing KI Back
25:51 Updating KI’s Sound
34:19 Foley and Bringing Character’s To Life
39:06 Making Interactive Audio
47:50 The Ultra Conundrum
55:10 Season 2
1:03:12 An Aggressive Release Schedule and the Challenge of Trailers
1:08:48 Atlas Plug and Celldweller Take The Wheel
1:26:14 Outro
1:30:40 Credits

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